Curriculum program for Years 7, 8 and 9

All Year 7 - 9 subjects have been developed in accordance with the Victorian Curriculum. Further information can be found at

Course information for Year 10

Our Year 10 program is composed of a number of components:
  • Access to VCE units 1 and 2
  • Year 10 Subjects
  • Access to VET subjects

Students have access to all components in order to develop personal interests within a broad curriculum and to learn about the responsibilities that come with choice.

Students are advised to:
  • Choose a program which is realistic in terms of their interest, academic ability and future career.
  • Seek guidance from a wide range of people rather than rely on any one person; speak to parents, relatives, Work Education Coordinator, Sub-School Heads, Domain Coordinators, and teachers.
  • Check that you meet the criteria for selecting subjects.

The school will help as much as it can by providing a presentation for all current Year 9 students, however, it is the responsibility of each student to research and investigate courses and speak to a range of people.

An assessment will be made of each student’s suitability to undertake a VCE subject. Choice of a subject does not mean automatic inclusion and a number of aspects will be taken into account: academic achievement and attendance record, ability to organise and meet deadlines, preparedness and ability to work independently.

Also, it is sometimes necessary to ask a student to modify their original choice of a VCE subject. This may be due to classes being full, (Year 11 students have precedence over Year 10 students), insufficient numbers of students selecting a subject so that a viable class cannot be formed, and other possible timetabling difficulties.

Studying VCE

The VCE Course Planning Guide sets out, for VCE students and parents/guardians, the VCE program available at our school.

The Senior Sub-Schools are responsible for the administration of the VCE program. Co-ordinators within the Sub-Schools assume responsibility for the guidance, welfare and management of students.

Students are encouraged to work with their individual Co-ordinator in the selection of subjects, as well as consulting with them if there are any difficulties. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to liaise with Co-ordinators if they have any concerns. The Senior Sub-Schools also work closely with the Work Education Co-ordinators who conduct a number of programs for students throughout VCE to assist them in making decisions about the future. Year 10 students wishing to proceed to VCE should have completed a satisfactory Year 10. It is important that they consult with their Year 10 teachers about their subject and course selections.

The Sub-School staff work as a close team to support students to achieve their best in their chosen pathway.

All files included in The VCE Course Planning Guide can be downloaded here.

Vocational Education & Training

University High School is a member of the Inner Melbourne VET Cluster. The IMVC is a unique partnerships of 50 schools located in the inner Melbourne region, who have formed a collegial association to build the connection between academic learning and vocational training. The IMVC provides a central service to ensure quality management of programs.

Many of our Year 10, 11 and 12 students combine their secondary studies with vocational training.

Examples of VET programs are:

Automotive, Hospitality, engineering, Hairdressing, Community Services, allied Health, Fashion Design & Technology, Building & Construction, Community Recreation, Interactive Digital Media, Retail, Music Performance, Music Technical Production, Furnishings, Applied Design - Games, Dance, Equine Studies and Agriculture.

More information available at

VET programs mainly run on Wednesday afternoon. VET Programs:

  • are fully incorporated into the VCE and contribute to the VCE. They have a Unit 1 - 4 structure
  • broaden choice for students
  • enable students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification
  • prepare students for the workplace